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Company report design, annual report design, company newsletter design – whatever you choose to call it matters little. These usually all amount to the design for a quarterly review or year in review for your company.

Making an annual report for the first time is tough work! Lack of experience in this area can be a deadly misstep! Our annual report designers are keen on getting your annual report design right and making the process easy.

Annual report design

Annual report features that pop!

Companies require a professional company report design. Your designer should understand the objectives of your company publication. Your annual report design, company newsletter design, or company magazine design should focus on the core audiences rather than take a generalized PR approach, per se.

Moreover, it will need to fulfill the mission of informing company stakeholders, such as investors, public stockholders, employees, partners and high=profile customers. But informing is not enough! This publication needs to impress and dazzle, without appearing to be a mere advertorial for your business.

A good company report design features a wealth of useful and positive information. This includes items like productivity and profitability metrics with data visualizations, employee safety features, and partner profiles. It can also include customer profiles, such as the ways your products or services have helped everyday consumers.

If you’re a B2B company, your company’s annual report or newsletter might feature profiles of real-life customers. This is a great way to show how those using your product or service are able to do their jobs better. Appealing directly to partner employees is a sure-fire way to demonstrate added value to your partners’ productivity. And likewise, your company periodical can empower all stakeholders to achieve their goals via your company’s offered relationships, resources and services.

Mobile-first annual report design example

Data visualizations that shine!

Your company report design may need lots of data visualizations. This includes design elements like info-graphics, GANT charts, pie charts, and even spreadsheets of raw statistics. This information is often used to communicate the value proposition your company offers to customers, partners, or stakeholders more effectively. Annual report designers need to factor in the best ways to represent raw information wherever needed with UX best practices in mind.

It may be useful to use dynamic visualizations. Such interactive data visualizations allow the stakeholder – prospective or current – to play with your data. Such interaction with your company data allows you to insert your positive selling points directly into stakeholder projections used to assess the value of your company as employer, offering provider or partner. And while this is not easy to do in print format, a digital online report can facilitate this need in a user-friendly, fun-to-use way.

Dynamic data visualizations create prospect / investor participation and engagement. Having a company report website can flip the script on the dusty print model. Now current or prospective shareholders can project company earnings progress into the future with given assumptions of trending outside factors against expected dips or peaks. They might plug their own production numbers in to see what their costs might be to use your services using real-time, using market-driven projected costs.

Annual company report material - data graphs (paper)

Meaningful CTAs that support your bottom line.

Be it a weekly newsletter or annual report design, your company magazine is still a magazine. The design must engage the reader with calls to action that drive engagement with brand, company investment capital, and sales. It it doesn’t do any of these things, it’s technically a failure. This is a key reason why digital company reports are essential in the all-digitized information age.

The Digital Transformation isn’t just a nice-sounding phrase – it’s already the norm. Today’s media consumption is primarily online. As of 2017, US media consumption online versus offline had already met approximately 50/50 in a digital-leaning trend. As a key bellweather market, US consumption trends generally point the way to identical trends globally.

As Forbes has pointed out in a 2018 article, digital media is now the main method of dissemination. Other media formats are fast becoming purely supportive of the main digital channels. And as Forbes also points on in the same cited article, “multichannel is everywhere”.

Simply put, the dynamic, ultra-accessible multichannel tactics of a digital content vehicle using distribution method using email is essential. Moreover, multichannel marketing methods like retargeting display ads, and email captures can help you move the prospect down the conversion funnel toward your business goals.

Company executive reading an annual company report
Will your annual report capture the right person’s attention?

Make your annual report design mobile-first !

Not only should your company report or newsletter include a fuller, main digital version, it should also be “mobile-first”. What does that mean? It means that your report should care more about appealing to people on their mobile phones and tablets than limiting itself to a print-centric approach.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a print version. On the contrary, you should always have a print version. The difference, however, is that now the print version supports the digital one. Indeed, in terms of branding, the old tactile rules of touchable, flippable magazines still hold sway for captive audiences such as visitors in company lobbies. where the company magazine gives the ultimate prospect conditioning brand massage.

But unlike print, which can smell, look, and perhaps even feel like your brand, a digital version of your company report can engage the prospect mentally. Digital can engage more interactively on the micro-level of addressing personal goals and aspirations. This happens via dynamic interface applications.

Another key to digital is accessibility. Having a digital presence for your magazine allows it be accessible from any location, unlike print editions.

Mobile-first annual report design allows portable access. Whether in a taxi, on the subway, at the breakfast stop before work – your company’s annual report or newsletter can be everywhere your prospects are, whenever they’re good and ready, unlike your print edition!

Annual report graphs on a smartphone screen

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