As your partner, we’ll work to understand your current resources and then figure out how to enhance what you already have. Whether you need a full-blown strategy or just one supplemental service, we’ll guide you in the right direction. Discover how our programs and services power your company’s growth.

Magazine layout design services

High quality content is the most important aspect of any publishing business, but a winning creative strategy is what fuels publication growth. In order to generate such a strategy, a great magazine design is necessary. It’s how you can turn your content into a product that can be marketed and monetized.
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Company magazine & annual report design

Company report design, annual report design, company newsletter design – whatever you choose to call it matters little. These usually all amount to the design for a quarterly review or year in review for your company.
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Catalog layout design

Searching high and low for cover design ideas, or an engaging catalog layout designer? Flip180 is big on catalog pre-production and we bring over 10 years of combined experience in both layout and surrounding issues like subscriber delivery and marketing.
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Content design services

Content design can include many different aspects of programming (“coding”), brand research, competitor intelligence, writing, graphic design, and UI (user interface design). Together, these disciplines make up content design.
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Web Design Services

We’re a web design company that’s comfortable with reality – that web design principles change. Over time as technologies, security, and UX expectations change. That’s why Flip180 prides itself on being a web design agency that embodies design and WebDev best practices.
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Magazine website design

Do you want your magazine website to attract and convert more visitors? High-performance websites tend to be those that deftly blend on-page SEO with a user-first design that leads visitors through a buying journey to, ultimately, a conversion.
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Digital marketing

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that you have a comprehensive online strategy that includes multiple channels. If you’re not reaching your readers digitally, your publishing business simply won’t survive. Digital marketing gives you the ability to reach a broader audience, drive more people to your content, increase ROI, and build better relationships with your readers.
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VUI design for magazine websites

VUI design is the future of online content. VUI (voice user interfeace) design is becoming a necessity as magazine publishers, Ecommerce stores and even annual reports try to adjust to the fast-changing content consumption habits of upwardly-mobile consumers. But what considerations should youo include? And what about VUI optimization?
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