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Grow Leads, ROI & Revenue Methodically, Reliably, Faster and at Scale, with a “Micro-Progress” Approach
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Flip180 believes in a transparent model of helping companies like yours achieve wins in their online niche. Your prospect may live in the real world. But the most economical way to get them into your funnel involves your online presence. It’s fast, it’s open 24-7-365, and it contains all of your products, services, your case studies, in short, all of your other marketing assets. So without succeeding in the online area, you’re not going to reach your full growth potential.

We work with companies like yours to connect the dots and get more leads. Period.

But unlike many agencies out there, we not only have the experience with your specific industry, we have it both in web design and in digital marketing, and at the highest levels for each aspect of these.

How does it work?

Our approach helps industrial niche websites grow revenue and ROI 100% transparently, reliably and scalably by focusing on the little-understood secret art of experienced digital marketers: micro-progress.

What is micro-progress? Micro-progress focuses on the micro-goals that form the fabric of your sequenced online lead-processing funnel. It’s the molecular level of business macro-goals like sales, up-selling and partner relationships, while also forming the basis of all of the intermediary marketing macro-goals you need to reach beforehand, such as blog content curator relationships, raw targeted traffic, and site conversions like blog subscriptions and contact form leads.


Industrial websites typically don’t begin with an experienced, 100% all-star marketing lineup of experts behind them. They tend to miss the forest for the trees, doing well on messaging to the prospect that finds them on their own, but not being seen to prospects outside of their unavoidably closed off networks.

A micro-progress perspective methodically improves the LeadGen flow of your product or service website from raw visibility and then actual new visitor increases via organic methods like SEO, curator referral traffic and social media numbers, quality, and then measures engagement along a clear, distinct, purpose-driven funnel toward marketing goals like conversions (opt-ins) which create marketing-qualified leads, and then business goals that result from such qualified leads.

Want to Connect with Your Audience Better? Take These Action Steps:

Your website should be one large, multi-faceted lead magnet. A micro-progress orientation is the only way to make that happen, because it’s simply about being methodical, leaving nothing to chance, and measuring everything with an eye to their contribution to end business goals. You can best understand our methodical approach as follows.

We help you “growth-hack” the right way:
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1. Start with the right content formula – Are you winging it with 10-yr-old site copy? Has your market niche evolved since then? Are your engagement signals dragging down your search results?

Engagement signals tell Google whether your higher search results should be lower or higher on SERPs (search engine results pages), along with a number of other technical SEO factors. We help you to create high-quality, CTA-rich, SEO-friendly, social-ready, partner-ready and curator-ready content that is eligible to be pushed up to the first page via true white label, best practices SEO and engagement theory in action.

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2. Drive visibility via research and on-page optimization – Without visibility for your REAL keywords, there is no audience.

number 3

3. Push up CTR – Your click-through rate is improved by A/B testing your SEO headlines and discovering the most effective keywords and messaging in your SERPs result copy, a meaningful motivating CTA, and thus finding the max flow to your relevant content.

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4. Funnel/CTA optimization – We help you to get the funnel and CTA messaging right in the eyes of the prospects themselves, not just in the eyes of that one near-sighted marketer. You’ll know what’s working because the numbers are going up in your tracked CTR and content engagement micro-goals.

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5. Constant A/B testing & re-optimization – Methodical retesting of your content and appropriate evolution of exact messaging and screen experience allows you to more reliably engage the prospect throughout your website, as well as in SERPs and social environments, curators sites and partner sites. We’ll help you track AND optimize the funnel from end to end.

Use the Evolved Analytics to:
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6. Attract more curators – Without powerful outside curators, your content output AND your product/service won’t be as readily visible as with their support. Our competitive intelligence research allows you to KNOW what’s working for your competitors, including niche leaders, up-and-coming upstarts, and those nextdoor near-niche leaders who are affecting your own niche, strategies to consider and finally all of the most immediate concrete action steps to take, as well as next-step moves to keep real progress (that is, micro-progress) alive.

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7. Attract more ramp-up partners with the right content & outreach. Build the right partnering relationships that can do heavy referral lifting automatically via organic search & social discovery of your partners.

number 8

8. Measure, analyze, understand, and self-correct – Evolve your presence via measurably improved iterations and get better ROI. Everything we do, we measure using world-class analytics and the micro-progress model. That means all of your progress, however small, is measured, and used to create HUGE wins as you go.

Transparent Reporting & Analysis

Flip180 puts the “next-level” into your digital marketing by enabling you to connect your website marketing goals to your actual business goals with fully scalable solutions like GA4, Oribi and Google Data Studio.

Our reporting services don’t just send you reports and make self-serving recommendations. We’ll educate your in-house marketing decision-maker(s) on all of the data-backed hidden traps and potentials we can see, including access to raw data, so that you finally know what’s working, what’s not, why, and how to improve.

Our marketing reporting consultation will shock and surprise you as we share true insights into why what you think works may not be the full picture in some cases, while downplaying short-term windfalls for what they really are.

Access 100% real-time transparency on issues impacting site design, aging technologies, site maintenance, accessibility compliance to digital marketing potholes that could make or break your path to solid, tangible macro-goal progress.

What we see, you can see. And above all, what we understand about your digital business presence, you can understand and act on in time, every time.

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