Case Study: Trade Magazine Marketing

FSM Direct is a fabrication trade magazine that specializes in keeping its FabShop audience in the know regarding the industry, and latest trends.

Fabshop magazine homepage on a laptop screen - case study on content management migration strategy
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The Challenge

Our task for this niche trade magazine was to migrate all of the content from an old content management system to a new one while restructuring and optimizing all the content into a magazine-style website layout, redesigning the magazine into a truly responsive Web format.

Our Solution

  1. Roughly 500 articles were cleaned, restructured and migrated to the new system
  2. UX was also redesigned & optimized
  3. Page loads were substantially optimized
  4. Organic search engine visibility was optimized
  5. A subscription-centric architecture was designed,
  6. Issue-level landing pages were constructed.
  7. A digital past issue archive was created.

The Results

The changes altogether allowed FabShop to get more internal organic leads and convert them more often via a fully-working website marketing funnel adequate to prospect expectations. 

In this case, the end effects of the transition were enormous and multi-factored, from traffic to search visibility via indexing and many other areas.

Subscriptions up 80%
Subscriptions are equivalent to circulation and readers.
Traffic up 300%
(Google Analytics)
fsm case studies graph
fsm case studies graphic 2
Rankings up +20.5

(Google Analytics)

Speed up 212%
(Google Analytics)
fsm case studies graphic 3

The results in this magazine and WebDev case study are specific to the clients or end-clients themselves. Actual results for prospective clients will differ according to special conditions specific to the website or app in question, as well as the ability of the client’s team to facilitate in-project feedback.

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