360UX uses GA4s new capabilities
Optimizing catalogs with device-specific magazine analytics

Advanced GA4 Analytics for Magazines

Unlike the previous forms of Google Analytics, GA4 (from Google) allows publishers to track both the web and mobile versions of their magazine websites. Also unlike GA, it allows them to also track app metrics. Before GA4, to track your mobile and app data together you had to add and configure integrations between GA and a tool called Firebase. It was still a jumbled mess trying to parse how they could come together. GA4 is constructed from Firebase and now fuses app analytics with web and mobile, giving you another reason to go 360UX™, since now your hub will be just one hub, not three (mobile, desktop and app).

Flip180 offers GA4 with every 360UX™ website we design. That means your 360™ site will automatically be set up for GA4 analytics with the option to have your analytics professionally customized and managed for a nominal fee each month, with customized goal configuration to track you funnels, dashboards that show funnel and key performance indicator (KPI) progress to match up all of your funnel and other marketing goals to your core business goals like paid subscriptions and add-on sales for things like brand swag or special issues.

Get on the GA4 Bandwagon with 360UX™

 360UX™ makes it easier for you to get on the GA4 bandwagon. That’s without the hassle of trying to figure out the new rules, configure it from zero and without the learning curve of figuring out how to use it over a slow timeframe. We can add GA4 to existing 360UX™ sites. If you choose our advanced analytics configuration service, we’ll take your supplied business goals and projected funnel flow chart and create the backend in GA4 to fuel your dashboards and take your publishing business to the next level. We also support Google Data Studio to help you better integrate your business intelligence data with your web and app data.

Advanced 360UX™ Magazine Analytics Tools

site audit as marketing collateral type

With 360UX™, you can publish in the most engaging format with the latest analytics technology at your disposal.

Tracking Benefits of GA4

  • Desktop, Mobile, App & Web App Metrics
      • A/B test content
      • Landing page engagement
      • Track desktop SERPs positions 
      • Track content performance
      • Track CTAs
      • Funnel progressions
  • Enhanced Click Tracking
      • Funnels
      • CTAs
      • Navigation wording
      • Links
  • Marketing Goals

Get cutting-edge magazine analytics on:

      • New Visitors
      • Returning Visitors
      • Funnel stages reached
      • Abandoned carts
      • Incomplete sales
      • Referral traffic
      • Campaigns dashboard: traffic vs campaign sales
        • Ad campaigns
          • Google Ads
            • Display ads
          • Bing Ads
          • Sponsored content
          • Native ads
      • Opt-ins 
        • Opt-in medium/source
        • Lifetime
  • Business Goals
    • Sales
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly
      • Annual
      • Seasonal
      • Special Promotions
      • Cooperations
    • Subscriptions
    • CRM
  • Financial KPIs (only via advanced intelligence configuration & Google Studio)
    • Operational Cash Flow
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Gross Profit Margin
    • Current Accounts Receivables
    • Growth in Revenue
    • Inventory Turnover
    • EBITDA

When you leverage 360UX advanced magazine analytics, your business development and marketing goals become attainable and your path becomes clearer. Contact us to today to learn more.

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