Company magazines and annual reports

Flip180 understands company magazines.

Company magazines, annual reports, and company newsletters all fall into the category of company publications. Each requires a special perspective and angle: that of the company’s brand voice. These branded company magazine examples are devoted to the company publications that define the company’s voice and brand to investors and other stakeholders.

Company branded
company magazine 1
company magazine 5

Company branded magazine

Branded magazines allow your company to stand out to high-value prospects for high-ticket services and products. They also can allow publicly-traded companies to create an annual report worth reading — with digital extensions like dynamic web-hosted reports and projections. Standing out is the name of the game, as this portfolio magazine example illustrates.
Company newsletter
company newsletter 1
company newsletter 2
company newsletter 3
company newsletter 4
company newsletter 5
company newsletter 6

Company newsletter

A company newsletter can be the missing link between your targeted site traffic and lead generation. With the right tools in place, your website becomes part of a working CRM system able to take traffic and turn them into maturing leads. A stunning company newsletter look and feel is the foundation.
We have what you need.
Whether you need an informative annual report design, a stunning company magazine design, or an engaging company newsletter design that captures attention and creates excitement, Flip180 Media excels in designs that speak to what you need to effectively communicate.
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