Company magazines and annual reports

Company magazines, annual reports, and company newsletters all fall into the category of company publications. Each requires a special perspective and angle: that of the company’s brand voice. These annual report design portfolio examples are devoted to the company publications that define the company’s voice and brand to investors and other stakeholders.

Company branded

Company branded magazine

The company magazine is a great way to address the consumer of your product and brand stakeholders at once, in a highly user-friendly format. An online edition of your company magazine makes it not only more accessible but more easily leveraged into an online asset for partner-level marketing purposes, by demonstrating marketing prowess to your core audiences in front of prospective business partners all from a single publication.

The annual report should speak directly to shareholders and other stakeholders, such as executives, prospective and current employees, as well as vendors, partners, and prospective partners. A focus on company statistics, safety programs, and progress on company goals are typically a central focus. So it really matters how the data is represented. Having a magazine website version of your annual report is another great way to make it accessible to anyone and anywhere.

Company newsletter

Company newsletter

Many underestimate the import of the email newsletter, but it’s already taken for granted that the newsletter will be an open-ended multi-campaign email format. Why not use the email newsletter to expand the expectations of your consumer or B2B audience? Cross-pollination of your brand publications is a great idea and a great way to enhance brand by ooffering other perspectives than the one typically presented in a single format.
Whether you need.
An informative annual report design, a stunning company magazine design, or an engaging company newsletter design that captures attention and creates excitement, Flip180 Media excels in designs that speak to what you need to communicate.
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