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Branded Content Magazines

Branded content magazines are brand publications that just promote your brand via stories. Each branded content magazine you publish should have a special perspective and angle: your brand’s true voice. Branded content magazines allow you to showcase your products and/or services in the context of a lifestyle, a worldview, or a way of working on something that matters to the reader. The branded content magazine is really an entire magazine concept all to itself, however, not a mere gimmick. It focuses on an audience with realistic aims and goals in relation to that audience.

Make your branded content marketing magazine an instant hit. Flip180’s branded content marketing magazine design services allow publishers to create a brand magazine that speaks to your core values and communicate them in a way that imprints positively upon your target audience. We take your brand elements, your brand history and your valuable input and turn it into a visual tour de force. The end result is a magazine that connects with your audience, aligns them with your mission and gains traction toward your marketing goals, as these magazine examples illustrate.

Go Jump
go jump 1
go jump 2
go jump 3
go jump 4
go jump 6
go jump 5

Go Jump magazine

GoJump Magazine is a magazine that allows GoJump’s skydiving customers to submerge themselves into a new hobby with carefree elan while squashing the nerves that arise from waiting to jump. From issue to issue, GoJump helps their clientele to dream and to overcome barriers, to experience new healthy, life-affirming highs in an increasingly popular extreme sport!
amshoot 1
amshoot 2
amshoot 3
amshoot 4
amshoot 5
amshoot 6

Amshoot magazine

More than just a magazine about photography, Amshoot is a photography magazine focused on the photographer in you.  Outdoor and studio photographers can glean much from the special features on lighting, themed shoots, and draw inspiration for their own original creations. Photography examples are featured in glossy full-color splendor alongside articles that speak to the photographer’s life.
Create a stunning branded content magazine.
Whether it's an informative annual report design, a stunning company magazine design, or an engaging company newsletter design that captures attention and creates excitement, Flip180 Media excels in designs that speak to the brand values you wish to communicate.

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